Puppet shows, Pedicures, and Pleasant Grove

Thursday was a busy day.

To start, TuTu took all the granddaughters to a puppet show at the library.

Then Grandma Dare, or TuTa as she is affectionately known by the girls, treated everyone to pedicures.

After a short break for lunch and naps, we headed to Pleasant Grove for their Strawberry Days festival. A friend from Alaska told me about the divine strawberries and cream dessert that makes the festival famous. She was not kidding. First stop was dessert (or two), followed by a few carnival rides, and topped off with a rodeo. Totally worth the drive for the dessert alone, by the way.

Also, it was not that long ago that I was sitting in my car cursing the -20 degree temperatures and now I sit in my car cursing the 100 degree temperatures. I am not a fan of extremes.

And for alliteration's sake, I'll add another "P"-- pregnancy. The heat makes my feet swell, my stomach is the size of a respectable pumpkin, and I am ready for this baby to arrive! Mainly because I can't wait to meet him, but also because I feel the way most pregnant women feel during those last few weeks where everything is big and awkward and cramped. The girls are more than ready to meet him as well. Little cousin Winston is giving them plenty of baby practice and they are itching for their own little brother to shower with kisses and snuggles.


Autumn said...

I can't remember your due date, when is it agin? You look very ready to have that baby boy. Hope he comes soon! Looks like you are busy girls down there in all that heat. We miss you guys. I'm sad that we won't be doing Joy School again this fall.

Amanda Lamb said...

I am due the middle of July. I'm full term now, so I say this baby can come whenever he wants!