Swim lessons

This week the older girls started swim lessons with some teenagers in our church. For a half hour every morning they try to master basics such as blowing bubbles and kicking with straight legs and floating. Evie takes it all very seriously. She slept with her swim goggles the whole week preceding the lessons and could hardly stand the excitement when it was finally time to use them.

The little girls are not so great at waiting patiently, but they try. A half hour is quite a long time for two two-and-a-half-year old girls to wait before playing in the pool.

I could not stop taking pictures of Lottie's adorable swimsuit bottom.

This is as far as Charlotte will go in the pool. She is very uncertain about the whole swimming business and is super cautious. And don't even get me started on her reaction to a dead bug in the pool. Lottie-loo scrambles out quick as lightening when any black mass comes floating her way.

Evie's biggest struggle so far is kicking with straight legs. She is great at blowing bubbles and fearlessly stays underwater for several seconds. She especially loves to dive for things at the bottom of the pool. So far she is having a great time and proudly tells anyone who will listen about her daily swimming accomplishments.

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