New 'dos

I woke up this morning and decided each girl needed a trim. Charlotte had never had a haircut before so her hair was especially uneven, but both girls needed a little polishing.

I was surprised to find out Evie had enough length to donate her hair. When I explained what it meant to donate hair, she decided to take the plunge and get a lot more cut off than planned. And what about that grumpy face? It is not a reflection of the hairdo. My little introvert just could not handle the hairstylist talking to her and she sported a crusty whenever the hairstylist asked a question.

Charlotte was really excited and really wiggly. Somehow the hairstylist managed to cut an inch off and keep things even. Then she sat very still for the braid and happily accepted a lollypop when all was finished.


Patti said...

Your Charlotte looks absolutely darling with short hair! Are the girls missing Anchorage? I doubt it, they are having way too much fun : ) Lots of love

Autumn said...

So cute! Evie's hair is adorable! I wish I had a cool haircut chair like that for my house. :)

Anonymous said...

Evie finally got her short hair! I remember she wanted it "short like mommy's" when you had that A-line cut. Adorable!
- Sierra