It's Autumntime

And it sure doesn't feel like any autumn I've experienced in the past 15 or so years. I miss a lot of things about Alaska, but as I sat on the front porch in 84-degree weather looking at the picture of 3-inch snow my baby sister texted me, I did not miss the Alaskan autumn. We went swimming last week. I haven't seen a jacket in months. The Wasatch Range is an array of gold and crimson and it will stay that way for more than a week. Autumn is my favorite season and I am enjoying every bit ofit.

Great-grandma Lamb divides her time between our house and her other son's house. Evie and Lottie are so lucky to have relationships with so many of their great-grandmothers. I have really fond memories of my Great-Grandpa Charles and I am glad the girls have spent so much time with Grandma Avant, TuTa, and Grandma Lamb.

The above picture is Evie's chalk rendition of Trent. The hair is spot on, no? And the picture below is the girls' favorite outdoor game, sink or swim.

Trent-boy is growing and sleeping like usual. He is almost three months and I can't believe it. We recently discovered he is quite ticklish, a quality that never ceases to amuse the girls.

Lottie mysteriously scraped her forehead and needed a band-aid to keep her from picking the scab. I didn't want her to scar that pretty face! However, her sensitive skin reacted to the band-aid and a week later she is still sporting the remnants of a rash.

Evie, Debbie, and I went to the Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastics Champions. We thought it would be an evening filled with straight-forward gymnastics performed by the 2012 USA Olympic team (which was incentive enough), but were pleasantly surprise to witness a choreographed performance complete with music and great lighting. Check to see if it is touring in your city. We had cheap seats and used binoculars to identify the Olympians, but it was totally worth it.

A few words about Evie's new red shoes. She loves them. She wore them nonstop for two days. She vowed never to wear them outside so they would be clean enough to wear in bed. She then broke her vow when we attended the Olympic performance. Every day she asks if it is "church day" so she can wear them. Like mother, like daughter: I remember having a similar obsession with a pair of shiny black mary janes.

Today we decorated for Halloween. (I stole my ideas directly from Dana Made It.) Simple enough for the girls to help with but time-consuming enough to help pass the afternoon. Thought I would share in case anyone wanted an easy, cheap, and fun Halloween project.

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Patti said...

Manda, Your son is SUPER CUTE! I am glad you are enjoying the fall time in a place that has time to have a real fall :) Thank you for the great thank you card!