Little Lottie turned three this week. It is a bit traumatic for me to have both my girls age another year within a week of each other. Like her sister before her, Charlotte was absolutely thrilled to be the Birthday Girl.

Charlotte requested a pink birthday with pink stripey candles. We had a small party at home, just the way I like it.

Charlotte was also very excited about her birthday photo shoot. (This post may seem very familiar, seeing as I used the same format as Evie's birthday post; we basically reenacted Evie's birthday schedule but with Charlotte in her place. They may not have had a party together like past years, but they essentially had the same party a week apart.)

Happy birthday to my passionate, friendly, adventurous, affectionate, free-spirited three-year old!


Aunt Bec said...

Wow Mandy, I didn't realize how much she does look like you and your mom until now. She is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha I love her duck lips! - Sierra