Mischief Managed

One of the last things I did in Alaska was help my siblings host another Harry Potter party. We've become slightly famous for our HP bashes and I think this one was the best yet. Which explains why I have less than ten photos of the whole thing. We were just having too much fun to stop and take pictures until the very end (when almost all the decorations were removed).

In case you want to geek out and throw your own HP bash, here are a few details from this year's party. It was themed around Prisoner of Azkaban, so everyone read and came dressed up as characters from the book. We decorated the house like Hogsmeade and served pumpkin chili at the Three Broomsticks and sweets from Honeydukes. After being sorted we played games and the winning House members walked away with buttons reading "I escaped from Azkaban and all I got was this stupid button".

I had so much fun and can't wait until my next Alaska trip when we can throw another party devoted to the beloved Boy Who Lived!

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Anonymous said...

Some day. Some day. Some day I WILL attend a Harry Potter party. - Sierra