My little Kinder

It finally happened. I joined many of my friends this week in the Lament of the First Day of Kindergarten. It is bittersweet, because she is so ready and excited for this new adventure. But I am also filled with a thousand thoughts about my baby growing up and being out of my care for so long and what if people tease her about her glasses and missing teeth and... WAAA! I possibly hate all people who tell me to enjoy this season because before I know it she will be grown and married. Believe me, I am all too aware of how the days are long but the years are short.

Really though, I didn't even cry (well, I got teary, but no tears fell from these eyes). The 100+ degree weather took a break and rained, throwing a wrench in picture taking and our plan to walk to the school. The change of schedule distracted my brain from thinking All The Thoughts and before I knew it I was recording her walk upstairs to the classroom, waving like crazy as she kept turning around to grin at me. Then I had to deal with Lottie, who was a complete emotional wreck after saying her goodbyes.

She had a fantastic first day as a Kinder. And I was so glad to see her that I wasn't offended at all that the first thing out of her mouth was, "Did you cry? Because I didn't. I was brave and didn't miss you at all!"

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Anonymous said...

What a brave girl!! I bawled my first day of kindergarten. My mom promised to stay the whole time but snuck out when I wasn't looking and I cried bloody murder. Also, Evie looks so darn cute I couldn't imagine anyone making fun of her!!!
- Sierra
PS: Way to keep it together. I don't think I would be able to abstain from crying.