Spring Break

A few weeks ago Josh's parents came to visit for spring break. Evie and Josh were lucky enough to have break at the same time, meaning we wouldn't have to leave anyone out of the festivities. Unfortunately, Trent got croup and for the rest of us a nasty head cold was passed from family member to family member. Every day we would assess the situation and leave the sickies at home.

Lottie was well enough to join Debbie and me for our local theatre's production of Llama Llama and a tour of the San Antonio Missions.

We visited all our favorite spots, mostly food related. I only have one picture from our trip to the Riverwalk-- Lottie dressed herself and only after we parked the car did we notice her choice of footwear.

We drove 2.5 hours to tour the Bluebell Factory. Texans are mighty proud of their Bluebell ice cream and with good reason. It is amazing. The tour was interesting, the weather was lovely, and the free scoop of ice cream alone was worth the long drive.

Evie, Lottie, Debbie, and I went to another play, this time Jack and the Beanstalk. 

We spent Saturday at Brackenridge Park, walking around the zoo and riding the train.

Lottie's dreamy expression in this picture kills me. When it comes to Evie and Charlotte, I sometimes feel like I am raising a Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood, although Lottie is dramatic enough to be a Lavender Brown (Harry Potter nerd alert). We've been reading The Wheel on the School and Lottie is constantly coming to tell me what she has been "wondering" and how she knows "things will happen" when she wonders.

 You may notice Evie's mouth is a bit of a hot mess. Last weekend she lost two teeth in one day, bringing the total loss to seven. I feel especially bad when I see her try to eat an apple.

 It sure was nice to have Pop Pop and Tu Tu visit! Can't wait to see them again in Charleston this summer.

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