Charleston, South Carolina

The end of July, we met up with Josh's family at a beach house in Charleston.

This was Trent's first plane ride with his own seat and, I have to say, we are all fans of Trent having his own space. He loved flying on the plane and sweetly held my hand during the somewhat rocky descent into Charleston.

Staying at the beach house was wonderful. It was big enough to house all fourteen of us and was a five minute walk from the beach. The older girls, Ellie and Evie, were thrilled to have a room of their own (you know, for sharing secrets and playing games without the little girls, Lottie and Addy).

Everyone slept well the first night except Trent, who wound up in our bed sometime before dawn.

Trent and Winston were still a bit young to play together, but I think each boy appreciated the others' company all the same.

We spent most of our time at the beach. Trent was not a fan of the ocean because he thought it was too cold. Hah, just wait until we take him to the Pacific!

He did, however, spend all his time begging someone to fill the watering can, just so he could dump it out and start all over again.

The other kids had a blast in the sand and the sea. They went on a treasure hunt, watched Josh set off soda geysers, and helped/watched the adults build some pretty amazing sand castles.

The adults had their fun as well, in the form of Beach Olympics. Josh was my partner in the Shell Toss, Body Sand Burial, and Tallest Sand Castle events.

The top two teams went to the finals. I always take last place in Lamb Olympics, but thanks to being on Josh's team I competed in the final event. You can see in the following photo I was almost knocked over by Ryan and Chris, but I was just excited to participate. (Predictably, I took fourth place.)

The kids were pretty exhausted each day and an afternoon movie was often needed to keep meltdowns at bay.

After the kids went to bed, the adults stayed busy. I became slightly obsessed with the game Pandemic. I really wanted to save the world from disease, but it is a hard game and we lost every time.

We taught each other lessons, a tradition in our family. Chris taught us all about wisdom teeth, Josh taught how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies, Eileen taught a rad decorating tip from the 90s, etc. The pictures below are from Becca's lesson on couples yoga.

We also hosted a Murder Mystery dinner. It was a 1930s Hollywood theme and we had a crazy amount of fun.

Aside from the beach and shenanigans at the house, we did a lot of fun things around Charleston. The ladies, Trent, Ed, and the older girls toured Charles Town Landing, where the first settlers came to Charleston in the 1600s. The girls experienced sailor life on the ship, from raising the anchor to swabbing the deck. We had a fabulous time.

The adults (minus Debbie, who stayed with the kids) took a segway tour of historical Mount Pleasant.

We took a sunset dolphin discovery tour. Not only did we see dolphins, we saw many other forms of wildlife, checked out wild animal skulls, and spent an hour on the beautiful Barrier Island.

We took a horse-and-carriage ride through historic downtown Charleston, finishing just in time for a huge thunderstorm to flood the area.

Charleston is definitely a foodie destination. Bangin' shrimp tacos from Mex1, delicious Thai from Basil, life-changing fried green tomatoes and grits from Magnolias. It was all delicious. And the kids enjoyed some technology time while we stuffed our faces.

Vacations with the Lambs are always a blast; can't wait for the next one!!

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Lana said...

Amanda, your blog is so fun! Looks like you guys had a blast with you fam. :)