Just the three of us

With Evie in school and Josh in school and working, it is just Lottie, Trent and me around the house during the day.

Trent has joined the rest of us bibliophiles, asking to be read to every ten minutes or so. Some current favorites are A Mother for Choco, anything Sandra Boynton, and the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

We play Tickle Monster quite frequently.

Our play always includes a lot of trains and cars.

And there is a lot of singing from Lottie (per usual).

The two of them do butt heads, but they are both snugly, lovey kids so they make up quickly.

We don't go outside a lot, due to the intense heat that hasn't lifted yet. Soon it will be sunny, but not so much that we melt outside, and then we can have some more fun exploring the city.

We did go to the zoo one cloudy morning, which was kind of a big mistake because the humidity was ridiculous. I had Trent on my back in the Ergo and we were pretty gross after just an hour.

I am really glad these two have another year together before Lottie starts school. I just love hearing Lottie and Trent have conversations of their own in the background.

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