Dinosaur party

For Evie's birthday we decided to host our first party with friends. I planned on doing most of it outside, but a huge thunderstorm meant we had to cram into the apartment the whole time. It was crazy and fun all at the same time.

Evie had a hard time choosing between a dragon theme or a dinosaur theme, but eventually settled on dinosaur.

The kids played Twister and "keep the balloon in the air without using your hands" while waiting for everyone to arrive.

The activities included "Feed the T-Rex" (no pictures, but it was a cardboard cutout of a T-Rex face that Josh painted and the kids tried to throw tiny dinosaurs through the mouth hole), beading fossil necklaces, and melting dinosaurs from their frozen eggs.

Trent sometimes stole the show with his adorable antics.

Evie got a lot of fun presents. I think she is set for crafting activities for the whole year and received enough notebooks to write as many stories as her heart desires.

The kids ate cake and ice cream cones while watching Jumanji. During the "scary" parts they huddled together for safety.

My almost seven-year old declared her party a success and when asked her favorite part exclaimed, "Everything!"

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