My baby turned three in July. And I suppose I should stop calling him "the baby", but I just can't seem to do it.

He is super opinionated, a wonderful and frustrating quality. I was able to convince him to take birthday pictures on the front porch, but only after I agreed to take one of him on the road carpet, surrounded by all his trains and cars.

He loves his trains and cars like they are people. He almost always has one clutched in his fist and more shoved into whatever pockets are available. Another compromise to taking birthday pictures was letting him pick a train or two to bring along.

He calls Evie and Charlotte "my girls". As in-- "Where are my girls? Upstairs?" "Hi! My name is Trent and these are my girls!" "My girls won't let me play, go talk a them!" It is a beautiful relationship.

Teddy-boy is truly our joy. I am so grateful for this funny, sweet, sour, reserved, brave, opinionated child of mine. Happy third birthday!!

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Kelsey said...

I can't believe I'm just reading this. I still refuse to believe that he is 3, but I love so much that he calls Evie and Lottie "my girls."