Trunk or Treat Expedition

It all started with Loo a few months ago.

She started wearing an explorer costume around the house and visiting exotic locations, mostly in the clubhouse under the stairs. She declared "EXPLORER!" as her future Halloween costume and talked about it all the time. It wasn't soon before another Lamb joined her.

Evie decided her passion for science went very well with being an explorer for Halloween. And since Teddy adores Evie more than anyone these days, we were not surprised when he joined the expedition team.

The countdown to his self-proclaimed favorite holiday (tied with Christmas) and all the "can-gee" that comes along with it has been going on for a while. Thank goodness for our church's Trunk or Treat or he might have gone insane from the wait.

This was the easiest Halloween prep ever. The kids picked out "explorer clothes" (khaki shorts and a shirt), which Lottie rejected the day of and opted instead for something more her vibe.

The girls threw on some packs for collecting specimen and holding their journals (there was some drama over pretending the packs had all that stuff, because they had both packed them full of useful and heavy exploration items) and Trent opted for a monkey friend (obviously found on a jungle expedition).

Based on the amount and variety of candy specimen they collected on this expedition, I decided to fund a grant so they can explore the neighborhood on Halloween.

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