Evie's baptism

The day after her birthday, Evie was baptized to become a member of our church. It was a wonderful day! (It was also storming outside, so I will have to come to terms with our church hallway pictures of the morning. Also, Trent needs a haircut and it shows. Oh, well.)

Evie's grandparents all played a part in her baptism, with Ed playing piano, Scott saying a prayer, Debbie giving the talk on the Holy Ghost, and my mom making Evie's lovely dress.

Evie's "best cousin", Ellie, was in attendance and spreading sunshine wherever she went.

Josh's Grandma Lamb also came, so we snapped a much needed four-generation picture. Anyone else see some slight resemblances?

Evie felt so loved that so many of our family members flew into town for the occasion.

We are all so pleased with Evie's choice to be baptized! She is amazing and we just love her to pieces!

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