Before the move

The weeks preceding our big move were pretty crazy. We were all exhausted; Josh and me from packing, the girls from playing all day with friends.

Our time was not just filled with packing and moving endeavors. We also had cause to celebrate and spend time with loved ones for Mother's Day, my baby shower, my birthday, and a going away party thrown by some dear friends in the ward. My sister snapped these pictures from my baby shower. It was great to spend time with family and friends one last time. And as an added bonus our little guy is outfitted for the next two years.

My mom made this apple pie on one of our last days. She said it means they will "moose" us. Well, we certainly "moose" them and can't wait to see them in a few weeks!

Saying goodbye to the house was not very dramatic. I was so sick of packing and cleaning that it was kind of a relief to drive away. I did snap one final picture in the downstairs bathroom for the sake of tradition. This was taken at 33 weeks pregnant. I don't know how my body will handle another month and a half of growth, but I've done this twice in the past so I know it can be done.

The goodbye at the airport was painful and we miss our family something fierce. Alaska has been a great home for our little family the past four years. Despite all the sadness over leaving, we are really excited for the future. A new baby, graduating from college, Josh pursuing a totally different career path, the girls growing and having new experiences... lots to look forward to!

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Autumn said...

Sad to say goodbye. Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of sweet baby Trent! Tell Josh to call Joe when he's ready to do some Alaska golfing.