Our first week in Utah

We are now residents of Sandy, Utah. I have never lived in this region, so I am excited to explore all the Salt Lake Valley has to offer. Since we will only be here for a little over a year and we don't know if we will ever live in the area again, we decided to treat our time here kind of like an extended vacation. I should have plenty to blog about with all we have planned.

Things especially feel like a vacation because the Lamb cousins are here for a few weeks. This time has been christened "Cousin Camp" and the four little girls have been tearing it up around the house. They spend their mornings playing dress up and putting on plays. Lottie is particularly fond of playing the part of Sleeping Beauty.

In the afternoon the girls have Tu Tu Time, a special half-hour of fun activities with their Tu Tu. Yesterday they read monster books and then made monster toast.

Some evenings are spent in the pool, quickly followed by the hot tub. Utah hasn't been as hot as I expected, but I'm sure the temperature will rise as the summer progresses.

We have also been on a few field trips. Yesterday was the aquarium and a few days before that we toured the Sweets candy factory. I don't know which was more exciting for the girls, sea creatures or fresh candy, but I know what the adults preferred!


Jessi Sullivan said...

mandy, if you and josh like burgers, i insist you go to this teeny little dive bar called "the cotton bottom inn" because it has the most delicious garlic burgers EVER. pretty sure you can't take kids there though, so heads up. but ah, the burgers. :)

Andersen Family said...

Wow what an adventure!! And yet you find yourselves at the beginning of another adventure. I'm glad the move went well and you all arrived in one piece. Mandy you get 1.9 pieces :) (in a good happy way . i'm in the same boat -- almost )

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to share many wonderful adventures with you guys! Hugs!
- Sierra