I was slightly horrified when I realized that within minutes of giving birth, my sweet husband texted most of our family and friends a picture of Trent... with my (thankfully) bra-covered breast taking up half the photo. I took charge of the photo-texts afterward. While we have pulled out the big camera for some things, Trent has mostly been captured via Instagram because I can instantly send the pictures to all our loved ones far and near. Here is a sample of what has been floating between mobiles the last five days.


Anonymous said...

Well. "The Boy" is just darling! Lots of love, Patti

[Stacia] said...

Congratulations! Love that cute scrunchy face. :) I think he looks just like Evie in a lot of the pics. Hope you are doing fabulous!

Carinne said...

He looks just like your girls. He's definitely a 'Lamb' huh? :) He's darling, and you're making me ache that my baby is so big now. He just had his birthday...whine, sob, cry.