Trent's story

I spent about two weeks before Trent's birth dealing with contractions. Everyone in the family took guesses on his birth date, weight, length, and birth time. No one thought I would make it to my due date, but we were all mistaken. There were probably three or four times I honestly thought I was in labor only to have the contractions subside when I went to sleep. However, when I woke up Thursday night after only an hour of sleep, I knew it was time.

My birthing plan included no drugs and I wanted to labor in the jacuzzi tub. The jet tub didn't work for me, but thankfully a doula working that night helped me find ways to cope with the pain. She and Josh worked hard and helped me through the contractions; I don't know what I would have done without the two of them!

After about three hours of hard laboring, Trent arrived! I still can't believe how fast the labor went, considering Evie took 7 hours and Lottie took 16 hours. Giving birth without any medication is by far the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am so glad I did it. The pain of it all is still pretty fresh in my mind, but I survived and that is all that really matters. This has been my easiest recovery so far; I feel well-rested and my pain is pretty minimal. Josh and I have been able to get a lot of sleep and really enjoy this alone time with Trent before we leave the hospital.

The official stats on Trent:

Name- Trent Edward Lamb
Weight- 8lbs 8oz
Length- 20 inches
Birth time- 2:42am

Trent is a really mellow baby. Quiet sleeper, not fussy, good nurser. I don't know if this chill attitude is just a result of his newborn status or if his temperament is really this calm, but he has been a joy so far! His hair is a bit of a mystery. Sometimes it looks dark blonde, other times it has a bit of a strawberry tint. I'm sure in the end he'll go dark blonde like the girls, but only time will tell.

The girls came to visit yesterday and were completely enamored with him. I can see my future and it includes a lot of questions. Both girls wanted to know "why" about everything. Why did he make that "coo" noise? Why is he sleeping? Why did he stretch? Why did he turn his head to the side? They are very curious and I know they will be attentive little mothers.

We are so happy he came without complications and in perfect health. I doubt he will fit in any of the adorable newborn-sized clothes he was given, but I am glad he is eating so well and maintaining his weight. He is my biggest baby, something that doesn't shock anyone who saw me in my nine-month pregnant state.

There is not much more to say except we are so glad to have Trent in our lives! His arrival has been highly anticipated by all and we couldn't be more in love.


Autumn said...

Handsome Baby Trent. I can't wait to meet him, even if it wont be until he's much much bigger. :) Good work Manda! I'm so happy you were able to stick to your birth plan and use no drugs. You're amazing!

Patti said...

What a gorgeous boy! He looks like his sisters, adorable :) I am so glad you blog so we can see those kids grow up. For me, it's kind of like you are down the street. Lots of love to all of you.

Stephanie said...

He is so perfect Amanda! I am so glad you made it through natural birth successfully! I hope to meet him in person one of these days. ;)