The Bolympics

During the Summer Olympics, Evie and Ellie were allowed to stay up an hour past bedtime to watch the events. Evie especially loved synchronized swimming. She would stand up and cheer after every dive and kept us all informed on the splash level of each athlete.

Charlotte and Addy also loved the Olympics, or the "Bolympics" as Charlotte called it. I made the girls some special shirts and we had our own little Olympics on the lawn. The events included a 5-yard sprint, long jump, hurdles, and gymnastics. Each girl was awarded a medal and we all sang the national anthem during the award ceremony.

Evie was devastated when she found out the next Olympics won't happen until she is six-years old. It has been a few weeks since they ended, but she still wears her Olympic shirt as often as I let her and practices her "balance beam" routine on the floor every day. Go world.


Sue said...

I love Ellie's face just before Ryan launched her backwards. Pure terror. Addy looks sooooo much like Eileen. Craziness!

Anonymous said...

OMG I LOOOOOOVE their little Olympics shirts and what a CLEVER idea to hold your own little Olympics!! I bet that will be a treasured memory. :) - Sierra