The finale

Uncle Ryan joined us in Utah for one final week together. It was a lot of fun and I don't think a second went by without at least two of the little girls talking at the same time. The house seems so quiet now!

One of our activities was to celebrate Ellie's birthday. A few weeks ago Debbie took Evie and Ellie to A Seussical Musical, which set in motion an intense obsession with all things Dr. Seuss. Naturally, Ellie's party was given the Cat in the Hat treatment.

The coveted present of the day was Ellie's penguin Dream Light. All the girls can recite the Dream Light commercial by heart and Ellie was tickled to death to receive one for her birthday. A good portion of the afternoon was spent in the dark theater room, staring in awe at the starry ceiling.

With all the activity from the little girls, I sometimes forget to take pictures of the little boys in the family. Winston sat pleasantly in his high chair as long as someone was feeding him (how else is he to maintain his 25lb figure?) and Trent spent the entire day sleeping, as per usual.

Also as per usual, we spent a lot of time in the pool. Uncle Ryan brought his own brand of fun in the form of catapulting the older girls off his shoulders into the water. The older girls also demonstrated their amazing synchronized diving skills, which they had been practicing vigilantly for days.

Did I mention he sleeps all the time? It is exhausting work to eat and grow.

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