Grandma & Grandpa Scott

It was practically a crime to move away from Alaska with the only two grandchildren and seven weeks away from giving birth to a third. Mom and Scott quickly planned a trip down for Trent's blessing and to spend time with the girls (...and Josh and me, but let's face it- we are second banana to the grandkids). They arrived early in the morning after a red eye flight. After fighting fatigue the first day, they have both vowed never to do a red eye again. Luckily, Trent is a good sleeping buddy and they didn't miss out on cuddle time.

We did lots of fun things in the five days Mom and Scott visited, including Temple Square, Cafe Rio, and the downtown Salt Lake Planetarium. But mostly, we just chilled at the house and enjoyed each other. I won't bore you with more pool pictures (plus, I think Mom would die if I posted the ones of her going down the slide), but I will include these sweet shots of Mom painting the girls' nails. We all miss Grandma and Grandpa Scott and can't wait for their (hopefully soon) return!

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Autumn said...

I love the picture of Grandma, Grandpa and Trent sleeping on the couch. So Cute!