Here are a lot of Instagram photos of what we have been up to lately.

The front porch continues to be a regular place to hang out during the day. Lots of chalk coloring, dancing in the grass, overall silliness, and sleeping (if your name is Trent).

The girls absolutely love Trent. Now that he smiles, there is no end to the crazy lengths they go to just to get a grin out of him.

Last July I mentioned that I only had a year left to graduate. Well, I finished my very last assignment on a Tuesday and then gave birth to Trent that Friday, so my degree completion came just in time. Since I was giving birth during the graduation ceremony, the university is letting me walk with Josh when he graduates in April.

To celebrate my graduation, the Lambs took us out to a fancy place nearby called La Caille. It is a French chateaux surrounded by several acres of vineyard and gardens. Completely breathtaking; I could spend hours on the grounds taking pictures. To top off the festive evening the waiter brought a sparkling baked Alaska dessert. Evie thinks it is so funny that the dessert is called baked Alaska.

I love dressing Trent for church. Is there anything cuter than a baby in a sweater vest? I think not.

We put the zoo pass to good use last week. And I can testify that it is much easier to carry my twelve pound baby around in the wrap than it was to carry his eight pound self in my tummy when I was pregnant.

I had my first canning experience thanks to the peach tree out back. We spent the whole day peeling, chopping, boiling, freezing, jamming, and canning. It is a commitment to plant a fruit tree. A delicious commitment.

One of the ski resorts nearby hosted Oktoberfest. We enjoyed authentic Bavarian food, animal balloons, polka music and dancing, and really nice weather. The entire time we kept reminiscing how that day the year before we were enjoying the real Bavaria in Schwangau. As much fun as this Oktoberfest was, nothing beats a castle or two.

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Autumn said...

You look really good Manda! Glad you all are having so much fun.