When we chose the name Trent, I thought the name was nice and simple and he would escape receiving a nickname like the girls. Apparently he is a celebrity, because before he was even born the family started combining Trent Edward into Teddy.  I have always called my littlest brother Peanut and I can't help but see the same affection in Evie as she croons on about her little "Teddy-boy".

In general, both girls consider Trent their own. They are constantly saying things like "look at my baby's smile" or "my baby is so cute when he sleeps". When he smiles, they both giggle like crazy from joy. Evie told me the other day that she feels the happiest when Trent smiles at her.

He is a mellow baby, a quality he has kept since birth. Really, he just wants to sleep all the time. I often get concerned by the amount of sleep he gets in the daytime, convinced that he will be up all night (although he sleeps through the night like a champion). The four pounds he has gained since birth must be a result of all his rest.

Trent's most popular feature is "the hair". He gets comments everywhere we go. The strawberry tint is my personal favorite, but it is the gravity defying quality draws the most attention. I am not exaggerating when I say that every person who has come within arms reach of Trent hasn't been able to resist touching his hair. If anything steals attention from the hair it is those chubby cheeks, just begging for a kiss. It is terribly hard to resist!

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Autumn said...

He's so sweet! I can't wait to meet him someday! His hair reminds me of when Charlotte was a baby. Her hair was so cute too!