I keep a photo-a-day blog. I started it about two years ago in an attempt to capture more of our everyday life and to improve my photography skills. It contains more mundane and personal stories than what I usually put on this blog. My goal is to take a picture a day, but more often than not I miss days. That's okay, because I am just grateful for the days that I do capture. My philosophy is more spirit-of-the-law rather than letter-of-the-law. I would highly encourage everyone to do something like this. Whether or not you enjoy photography, it is a easy way to tell the story of your life. I find the commitment of one picture and (sometimes) the story to go along with it much easier to maintain than this blog. At the end of the year, I make a book from what I have captured. In case you want to check it out, the link to my photo-a-day blog is on the sidebar.

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Andersen Family said...

I love it!! I think my favorite is the one with the two girls in the bed, and Charlotte has her finger up her nose. That's a classic at our house too :)