One month ago...

(I completely forgot about these pictures from a month ago until I stumbled across them this morning.)

A quiet house is not always a reassuring thing, as it usually means the lambkins are up to no good. Upon investigation, I found Evie teaching Charlotte how to count to five in German.

The girls are both very headstrong and intense. They are either best friends or enemies, depending on the amount of sleep cached the night before and how recently they've eaten. As they grow older it is fun to see them interact, be silly together, and assert individual thoughts and preferences in how they play.

Charlotte is free-spirited, curious, very funny, a willing helper in the kitchen and with little brother, tenderhearted, and passionate. She feels all emotions very deeply and you can always tell her mood because it is written all over her face. She can be quite naughty, but it is impossible to stay cross with her. All she has to do is look up at me with those Bambi eyes and all is forgiven. Charlotte has no limits to her "inner circle". She makes friends instantly and mourns the departure of every new friend. Deep down she is a big snuggle-bug and would happily spend the day in my arms while I sing to her. She loves princesses, the color pink, and kitties. Her nursery leaders at church just adore her. They are constantly telling her how much they love her and I am so glad for those ladies who understand my sweet Charlotte.

Evie is a planner, reserved around those she doesn't know and outgoing around everyone else, cautious,  eager to learn, imaginative, and a people-watcher. She is often hard to figure out and I am constantly surprised by the things she does. Trent loves everyone, but he is most smiley and talkative around Evie. She is very much the oldest child, always wanting to be the leader and trying to mother hen the younger ones (something that, as an oldest child myself, I know nothing about). She loves to dance and has quite a talent for creative movement. She has her whole life mapped out in this order: graduate from school, go to college, get married in the Jordan River Temple, and have two babies (a boy and a girl, both of which already have names). Evie is constantly trying to figure out the world around her, from natural disasters to different emotions to the changing of the seasons. She enjoys a good joke and nothing brightens the mood around the house like Evie's laugh.

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Autumn said...

Wow, she has names picked out already?! What are they? :) Miss you guys!