Thanksgiving weekend

Mom and Scott flew down for Thanksgiving weekend. After enduring a red-eye flight in August, they vowed never again. However, with red-eye prices being more affordable and the promise of more time together, they purchased two red-eye tickets and arrived early Wednesday morning.

They spent the day snuggling with Trent, playing games with the girls, and helping with Thanksgiving preparations. Mom brought a few recipes and traditions from my family: lemon meringue pie, cornucopia place settings, and deviled eggs (formerly an Easter dish for the Lambs, now extended to Thanksgiving).

Hosting Thanksgiving was no small feat. The twenty-three guests included us, the Lambs, Grandma Dare, Grandma Lamb, my parents, Debbie's brother and his wife, Ed's brother and his entire family, and a lone roommate of Josh's cousin.

Even the kid table had a lovely First Thanksgiving centerpiece. And chocolate turkeys. Between the turkeys and the cornucopias we really didn't hear much from Evie, Charlotte, and Natalie.

We spent the remainder of the weekend decorating for Christmas, spending time together, and lounging around in general. It was a fun, relaxing, family-filled weekend. I am thankful for all the love that surrounds me and my little family.

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Patti said...

Manda, All the veggie cutting and crowd control you did with our family all those years has paid off! It sounds like you are a pro!