A Hot, Tex-Mex Adventure

It was about this time last year that we started making huge changes to our "life plan". New career, new focus on education, new place to live. It was a lot of change for us and those closest to us. Sometimes I feel as if we have been pushed along this path- not unwillingly, but faster than we would have moved on our own without divine guidance.

Through all the changes, I never doubted we were doing what was right for our family. Which is why selling the house, moving 3000 miles away, having another baby, supporting Josh through a major career change, and a whole host of other new experiences has not left me huddling in a corner.

The main reason for the rush was to get Josh into a master's program ASAP. And I am happy to share that he has been accepted to Trinity University in San Antonio! He will be working toward his Master's in Healthcare Administration. It is a two year program that starts in August. We are really excited for our upcoming move to Texas. Since his acceptance a few weeks ago we have met several people who have lived in San Antonio and every single person loves the city, adding to our excitement.

We feel immensely blessed to have Josh accepted to such a great program. We are also incredibly grateful for all the support our family has given us over the past year. I know this next step in our lives would not have happened without the encouragement and help of Josh's and my family.

Next stop, Texas. Anyone out there with a burgeoning desire to see the Alamo? We look forward to any visitors that come our way!

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Autumn said...

Yikes, sounds HOT! :) I'm so excited for you and Josh. This is just what you were hoping for!