Six months

Happy half-year birthday to our favorite boy!

We have been sick all month, but after a trip to the pediatrician last night everyone is on a second round of antibiotics for lingering ear infections. Wellness is in our future! Despite some long nights and nasty congestion, Trent-boy still finds the energy to give a few smiles. He even gave the camera a glimpse of some new additions to his bottom gums. If you look closely, you can barely see the two pearly whites that popped up sometime after Christmas. By the way he gnaws on everything, I suspect more friends are soon to follow.

Trent is the perfect addition to our little family. The girls just adore him and will do whatever it takes to get him to laugh. He is the spitting image of Josh and Pop Pop, except the chin (that dimple is all mine). It is sad to see him so sick, but I have enjoyed the extra dose of snuggles. His sweet personality has brought so much joy, I can't wait to see what the next six months brings.

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