Kauai: Hello, Ocean

For Christmas we vacationed with Josh's family in Hawaii. Seven days in Kauai and four days in Oahu. I got sick almost immediately after arriving in Oahu, so the bulk of my pictures are from the Kauai portion of our visit.

Our first morning in Kauai, the girls and I put on swimsuits and watched the sunrise from our balcony while everyone else slept.

We spent most of the day at the beach.

Hello, ocean. We've missed you.

Fun Fact: All the guys decided to grow awesome (is awesome the right word?) facial hair for our vacation. Lest you think they are a bunch of creepers, know this was done in fun.

Lottie kept her distance from the ocean for the first few hours, opting to play in the sand with baby Winston. Eventually she found enough nerve to let me hold her while the waves crashed around our legs.

Evie is a bit reserved on land, but the ocean is a different story. She has no interest in building sandcastles. It is all ocean, all the time.



Sue said...

Oh, your pictures make me want to go to Hawaii or at least a beach so badly! I love the last picture of Evie. It looks like she's flying.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love that last picture, it's precious! - Sierra