Ruth Udy Dare

I have a lot to blog about (our Hawaiian vacation, Josh's acceptance to a master's program, etc.) but for now I want to pause and honor Grandma Dare.

This picture was taken a little more than a week ago at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We recently spent a wonderful two weeks in Hawaii with all of Josh's family, including his two grandmothers.

Today Grandma Dare passed away. In mortality Grandma Dare was blind in one eye, drew breath with only one lung, and walked with difficulty because of a stroke. Now she can see clearly, breath deeply, and run. I smile when I think of the joyful reunion she must have had with Grandpa Dare, who died almost twelve years ago. Instead of mourn, we celebrate her ninety-one years of life. As one person said to me today, she was an elect lady. I am proud to be part of her family.


Autumn said...

Happy she has progressed to a happier place. Love and Payers for you and your family. It is still sad to have her gone from your daily lives.

Patti said...

Wow, Manda, I love that outlook. If only everyone could feel of that great faith in such a better place:)