A lesson in fairy tales

Every now and then Evie goes on a Pop Pop and Tu Tu date to the ballet. Most recently they watched Cinderella. In preparation for the big show (and in an attempt to broaden the girls' Cinderella horizons past the Disney movie) we read several different versions of the famed fairy tale. We also watched the old Roger and Hammerstein version of Cinderella. The girls loved it and the other day I caught Charlotte singing "Impossible" while in the bathroom.

Charlotte had a bit of a blank stare until the fairy godmother showed up and then things got more exciting for her.

Evie curled up with the favorite snuggle buddy of the house, Pop Pop. She loved the ballet and I am told the first thing she said after leaving the theater was, "So which restaurant are we going to eat at that is close by?" She has quickly learned that a date with Pop Pop and Tu Tu always includes good eats.

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