I love those chubby toes.

And his fluffy hair.

I love those cheeks!

And his goofy grin.

I especially love his dimpled chin, the only thing I can identify mine. Otherwise, he is all Josh.

I don't love how he pulls that right ear. It is a sign of fluid leftover from his recent ear infections and keeps both of us up at night. We have another month for it to clear up or he has to get tubes in his ears. 

I love how grown up he looks in his hat. I also hate how grown up he looks in his hat. I want him to keep growing and stop growing at the same time. Make sense?

I love his two bottom teeth and how he always sticks his tongue out to feel them.

I love how curious he is about the world around him.

And I really love those deep blue eyes. Maybe they will turn green and I will have another thing to claim as "mine", but for now I love getting lost in those oceans. This sweet boy has me head over heels.

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