The Lost Month

We refer to January as "The Lost Month". Between so much illness and Gram's death, I really don't remember much about January. If I had taken pictures, they would have shown a lot of sleeping, Disney Junior watching, nose-blowing, and crying. Thankfully, the house has recovered and we are enjoying the simple things in life again.

Simple things such as snuggling with Pop Pop (who was forbidden to touch any of the children when he came down with pneumonia).

We've been working on kindness with the girls. They are so different in personality yet equally strong-willed that it creates no small amount of conflict during the day. I recite the phrase "sisters love each other" quite a bit. I guess some things are sinking in, because Evie has started to turn the tables on me. The other day she kept saying, "It would be kind of you to share your computer. Sharing computers and games is nice!"

Josh recovered from the influenza and pneumonia just in time to celebrate our seventh anniversary. We ate a divine dinner at Tuscany, our new favorite Italian restaurant, and went to see Les Miserables (so amazing... maybe we both cried). Josh had spent the previous two weeks quarantined in the back room, so it was wonderful to get out of the house and spend some time together.

Trent-boy's transition to normal life has been less-than smooth. I basically spent the whole month holding him because he was so congested and miserable. Don't ask me how I functioned on four hours of sleep a night while being very sick myself, because I don't have an answer. As Evie would say, "It's a miracle!" (She's totally obsessed with noticing miracles in our life after I read her the bible story about Elisha and the three miracles.) Anyway, Trent is rediscovering life on the floor with toys and sleeping outside of my arms. Every day he spends more time rolling around and every night he sleeps a little longer between cries. Hopefully by next week we will be back to where we were before The Lost Month.

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Sue said...

January was the worst! There must be something about having sick kids and being stuck inside that just makes kids not be nice to each other. We experienced the same thing here.