Easter clothes

Nothing makes me feel Spring in the air more than Easter clothes. Spring in Utah is a bit schizophrenic, but I am used to erratic weather thanks to my years in Alaska. The past few days we have seen snow, but Easter week was gorgeous and we even got a little sunburned at the zoo.

A few confessions.

1. These pictures are not from Easter Sunday. Lottie and Trent were sick, so only Evie and I went to church. A few days later I got the kids all snazzy and orchestrated a little photo shoot.

2. That last shot is the product of a photoshop face-swap. One of my kids blinked. Can you tell which?

3. My kids are not the only ones on the front porch in their Easter clothes. The cousins came from North Carolina for two weeks. We dubbed the time Cousin Camp and a fabulous time was had by all. I posted a selection of photos on my photo-a-day blog if anyone is interested.

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