BYU-Idaho Graduation

It has been a much longer journey than I thought, but Josh and I officially graduated last weekend! Even though I finished classes last July, I was in labor the day of graduation so the college let me walk with Josh two semesters late. Josh has been working full-time and taking a full load since we arrived in Utah. Now he has a little break before we drive down to Texas in August and he starts his master's program at Trinity.

Our biggest supporters through college have been our parents. My mother has always championed education and encouraged me during those long years of schooling and being a mother. She started college the year after I did and has been a huge inspiration and example to me. I can recall a conversation with Josh's parents after I finished my associates when they encouraged me to continue on toward my bachelor, a decision I have never regretted. They also lent immense support in the way of praise when the times got tough and advice when the way seemed dark. When Josh decided to quit his job with APD and pursue a totally different education and career path, both sets of parents were on board, even though it meant a move away from my parents and a move in with Josh's parents. We did all the school work, but we know who gets the real credit. We could not have done this without Ed, Debbie, Mom, and Scott.

My mom made candy leis for the whole family, fulfilling an unknown dream of Josh's. At my high school it was common for graduates to receive candy leis and I'm pretty sure you could barely see my face underneath all the leis I received. Josh's high school didn't do candy leis and he has always wanted to receive one. Flash forward eleven years and his wish came true. Major points for my mom on this one!


Carinne said...

Congratulations Amanda! What a great accomplishment. So many women get married and say they are going to finish and never do...for obvious reasons. High five to you for finishing. It will be a benefit to you and your children for the rest of your life. Texas? When do you leave and what is Josh going to be studying?

Anonymous said...

Way to be girl! I'm so proud you finally finished! Even if it took a bagillion years! :D - Sierra