After months of babying her tooth, it finally came out... with a little help from mom and dad.

THE STORY: Evie had a blanket in her mouth and Charlotte pulled it, nearly ripping out her tooth. It was extremely loose and painful. Then when Evie saw all the blood she completely lost it. After an hour of crying and refusing to eat, I finally convinced her to let Josh pull out the tooth. She agreed, but only if we did it in the loft in the library (her favorite room in the house). After a lot more crying and a stealthy maneuver with the floss, out came the tooth. Evie promptly stopped crying, said her mouth felt better, and ran to show everyone in the house her new gap.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha I never understood the kids that were "sensitive" about their teeth coming out. I took great pleasure in worrying my loose teeth until I could finally rip them out! I even did it for many of the neighborhood kids who were more squeamish about it. I was the neighborhood dentist. :) - Sierra