We arrived in Alaska about three weeks ago for my brother's graduation and a long visit. It snowed on my birthday, a first for this time of year, but the weather quickly recovered and decided to show a little love in the form of 80-degrees for three days straight, also a first for this time of year. I've mostly been video recording our adventures, but a few things have been captured on the old camera.

The girls' imaginations have enjoyed exploring a new space. The current favorite scenario is to be a princess locked in a high tower. She can only be saved if you toss her the key through the bars, a tricky feat.

A few days after our arrival, little Teddy learned to crawl. It took him about two weeks of sticking near the toys before he realized there was a whole house waiting to be discovered. He hasn't figured out how the cupboards work yet, but I give him a few more days before he is tearing apart the pots and pans.

Nice weather means gardening, lots of time at the park, and lounging on the deck. Evie said to me the other day, "Do you know what it is called when you sleep on the deck? Sunbathing."

The highlight of the day is walking with Grandma and Grandpa to collect the mail.

Not every day ends with falling asleep during storytime, but sometimes all the fresh air and fun just completely wipes them.

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