During our two days at sea we kept pretty busy on the ship. I get seasick, so I was on Bonine the whole time to curb the vertigo. It took a day to figure out the right dosage, because the first night I took a whole pill at dinner before being told I should probably try a half. By the time dinner was over I felt like I was a few minutes away from slurred speech. We went to the show, a "magic" performance in which entertainers Roman and Svetlana magically changed outfits for an hour while dancing their hearts out. Thanks to my altered state, when the show ended I was crying from laughing so hard. Josh practically carried me back to my room, where I slept soundly for ten hours. I will forever be sad he did not drag me to kareoke, because I missed the performance of a lifetime. Chris sang Katie Perry's Teenage Dream, danced the whole time, did the splits at the end, and got a standing ovation. My only consolation is that Ed recorded the performance, so I was able to watch it second-hand. Half a Bonine for the rest of the trip kept me functioning normally, although I did feel as if I could fall asleep in any location.

Shuffleboard was played several times, when we could get the older New Zealand cruisers to share.

The men wore their matching jackets and ascots to dinner one night, prompting a snooty photo shoot on the deck afterward.

Each family member was in charge of teaching a short lesson on the topic of their choice. I don't have pictures of things like the lesson on one-handed clapping from Chris or the book we all read together as part of Ed's lesson, but I do have photos of the following: my lesson on reading your camera's histogram, an Irish keel taught by Eileen, and Becca's instructions on a new yoga pose.

Every night we enjoyed a delicious dinner in the formal dining room. Here we are with the wonderful wait staff assigned to our table for the week.

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That pic of the snooty boys is priceless. I can soooo picture Josh as a Blue Blood! - Sierra