Mykonos, Greece

I don't have a lot to say about the beautiful Mykonos, because the yummy Turkish food from the day before left me (and Ed and Chris) feeling like this:

Before my body gave up and I went back to the ship, we walked the town. It is completely charming, and if I hadn't felt so terrible I would have joined in when a nice art shop owner starting blasting Greek music and dancing around the store with Debbie, Eileen, and Becca. The cobblestones are actually painted that way, it is rock slab underneath. The whitewashed buildings represent peace, a way for the locals to protest all the invasions and fighting. Three pelicans live in Mykonos and we (alarmingly, because I thought it was a statue) stumbled across one on our journey to the windmills. I wish I could have stayed and enjoyed gyros and salad with the healthy ones, but I am just thankful I was able to leave the ship at all!

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