Pumpkin carving. 

We each chose a shape for the face, resulting in a starry-eyed, clover-eyed, mustached man. The girls impressed me by participating in gutting the pumpkin with minimal squealing. 

Then Trent climbed the chair for the first time, terrifying us all with his new skill.


Trunk-or-Treating at the church.

Why wear just one costume when you have two nights of Halloween to celebrate? The girls asked the same question. So the first night Evie went as a witch and Charlotte went as Cinderella. (Disclaimer: I had no say in the poses/facial expressions in the following photos. 100% Lambkin.)


Trick-or-treating "around the town" (as Lottie says). Lottie went as a witch and Evie used my baby sister's old Dorothy jumper and went as Alice in Wonderland. We went to a cute neighborhood nearby and enjoyed the decorations, weather, company, candy, and sunset.


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