Thanksgiving week

Two days before Thanksgiving, the girls were surprised when we took them to the airport and they were greeted by Aunt Britty, fresh off the plane from Alaska. We had such a fun time during her five-day stay that hardly a photo was snapped. I could only find a handful of photos from our trip to the San Antonio Zoo and downtown tour. I used to be so faithful in bringing my camera on outings, but lately I have been opting to leave it at home so I can more fully enjoy the moment (and more fully keep an eye on the three lambkins).

Toothless Monster over here turned six the day before Thanksgiving. Her love of learning and sweet, responsible nature amazes me every day.

Lottie-Loo turned four a week later. Her fun, vibrant little soul is just what this family needs. Here she is plugging her nose around a particularly smelly monkey exhibit.

T. Edward immensely enjoyed the zoo. He spent half the time piggy-backing on Brittany...

 ...And the other half on daddy's shoulders. It was heaven for my cuddly boy.

We had family Christmas pictures taken earlier in the day, so I'm not surprised this is the best everyone could manage.

The weather was perfect and the zoo was lovely. I am so glad we purchased a year family pass. I used to pull the girls on a sled during the winter at the Alaska Zoo, so I'm sure I can find a way to battle the heat of the summer here.

After the zoo, we took Britty downtown to the Riverwalk and Alamo. It was madness because a huge festival was happening that night, but we managed to see the sights and enjoy the nice weather.

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