Birthday biking

There was one item at the top of each birthday list-- BIKE. Maybe it is a parent fail on our part, but our girls have never learned to ride bikes. With birthdays in the dead of winter it always seemed mean to get them a present they couldn't use. And then summer would roll around and roll right back out of town before we could jump on the bike bandwagon. But in Texas, where December 14th means 55 degrees, biking is a completely acceptable activity.

First hurdle: pedaling.

Second hurdle: looking forward.

Evelyn caught on rather quickly and rode without help to the mailbox and back.

Next (and most terrifying) hurdle: no training wheels.

We're not there yet, much to her relief.

Charlotte loved biking for about five minutes, then she just wanted to "walk the bike and play with the beautiful streamers".

And what about Trent? He yelled animatedly at everyone from the safety of his stroller.

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