Loo, lately

Oh, the things I could write about Lottie.

She is crazy about accessorizing. Lately, leaving the house is like engaging in hostage negotiations. I ask her to take off at least three accessories, she counters by taking off one, then I say she can only choose two extra things, so naturally she comes out of the bedroom with four accessories and at least two stuffed animals squished in her purse. You'll notice in the picture above she is wearing a monkey backpack and purple headphones (plugged into nothing, I might add).

She desperately wants to go to school. When Evie comes home in the afternoon, Lottie listens with bated breath to all the goings-on in Mrs. P's class. Our local preschool is five days a week and I refuse to send her away that often. Hello? Wasn't half-day all-week school called Kindergarten just a decade ago? I really want to find some other moms to do Joy School with next year, but so far I haven't had any luck.

Charlotte's verve for life is still front and center. I often say she feels every emotion at 200%. Lately, when she is sad she runs into the other room, flings herself onto her bed, and sobs dramatically. Then she comes out of the room and asks me to do "breathing exercises" to help calm her down.

Every morning she tells me, "Today is National Tickle and Snuggle Day!" She will gladly take either activity, but both at the same time is her favorite.

I read chapter books for at least a half hour each night and I continue to be impressed by Loo's attention span during evening reading. Charlotte doesn't always sit still and I often let her look at board books or build blocks while I read, but I know she is listening because the next day she always recites the plot to me and muses about what will happen next in the story. In December, I read the girls Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol and they both were hanging on every word. They both also agreed it was "the scariest story" they'd ever heard.

Most everything that comes out of Charlotte's mouth is in song form. Basically, she lives her life as if it were a musical (probably Disney). She even does a hilarious French accent that leaves us all in stitches.

Charlotte certainly keeps us rich in imagination and emotion. Life around here would be trés dull without our little free-spirited, fun-loving Loo.

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