The Mama, lately

On the 11th I sent Josh the following text: I think I am dying.

I had been up all night with a teething Trent (seriously? two-year molars already?), so he thought I was being dramatic about sleep deprivation. In reality, I was referencing the severe pain in my stomach, radiating pretty much everywhere but slightly more intense on the lower right side. Josh quickly left his study group, dropped the kids off at a friend's, and took me to the ER. One CT scan and several hours later we discovered the offender-- my appendix. It was too late to fit me into the surgery schedule that day, so I was moved to another room where I passed the night with a healthy dose of pain meds and the Olympics.

The appendectomy went well and I was sent home on the 13th. Josh's mom arrived on a plane about twenty minutes after my release to help with the first few days of recovery. My mom, also beside herself with worry, would have been on the nearest plane as well if it weren't for things like work and college. The package of crafts and art supplies she sent have kept the girls busy as bees and we haven't even gone through half of it. Love those mothers!

First on the agenda was buying Trent a bed. I can't lift over ten pounds for several weeks, so the pack'n'play was now useless. I can't believe it, but my 19-month old loves his bed and sleeps better than before. Hallelujah! He also enjoys eating his food strapped to his booster seat on the floor. Easy adjustments to ensure I don't injure myself.

Debbie kept the house in order, me on the couch, and the kids entertained until she left on Tuesday. We are sure grateful for her help and company!

My recovery is going well, although slower than I would like. It is hard to refrain from the many things I do without thinking, like picking up the baby or rough-housing with the girls. The weather has warmed up again, bringing with it my cedar allergies, so the thirty-or-so times a day I sneeze it is pretty painful around my incisions. But every day I feel a little better and I am trying hard to make wise choices so I don't injure myself. No one likes a hernia, right?

I can't drive until next week, but luckily Josh's schedule allows him to take Evie to and from school. The little lambkins and I are making the most of our stay-cation with snuggling on the couch, reading board books, and playing Harry Potter Lego. Every night the kids look forward to our "slow walk" around the apartment complex. It helps me heal and the pace allows the girls to explore and observe the area. In a few weeks I should be right as rain and until then I will stay grateful for my health and the progress I am making.

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