Meet Freckles the Kitty

5% of the time she is Charlotte.

5% of the time she is Periwinkle the Fairy.

And the other 90% of the time she is Freckles the Kitty.

This game has been going on for nigh on a year. I have learned to interpret her meows and high-pitched kitty voice. When she crawls in my lap I know she wants her hair stroked and her ears scratched because she purrs when I do it. The phrase "Freckles the Kitty, no licking faces!" is heard more than once a day. It is a family rule that kitties may not crawl in public places.

We have learned to play along, otherwise nothing gets accomplished.

Most of the time, Evie pretends Freckles is her cat and uses that excuse to do what we call "mother henning" (bossing around). Freckles doesn't mind, however, and willingly complies with any order issued. She's just happy to be part of the family.


Sue said...

hahaha I love her imagination!

Anonymous said...

I always loved playing kitty too! So precious. :) - Sierra