The Wiggles

Evie has a loose tooth.

About three months ago she smacked her two front teeth on the cradle while playing peek-a-boo with Trent and I thought they might fall out then. I monitored the situation to make sure they didn't turn brown and to my surprise they both appeared to be fine, albeit a wee bit wiggly.

Then two weeks ago she started complaining about one tooth hurting and sure enough, the left front tooth is a-moving. All day long she checks her wiggly tooth and, honestly, between the two of us I don't know who is more excited for that thing to fall out.

Evie's inquisitive mind is trying very hard to figure out this whole Tooth Fairy business. Evie has asked everyone in the family whether they think the Tooth Fairy is real and recently decided that she is real because if Santa is real, then the Tooth Fairy must also be real. "Besides," she told me, "If she isn't real, then who takes my tooth?" Exactly.

For Evie, loosing a tooth is the ultimate sign of growing up. That, and learning to read. She recently decided she wants to be a librarian and begged Tu Tu to teach her to read. I am going to miss having her around during the day when she starts kindergarten in the fall, but she is really ready for school. My kids are growing up way too fast!

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