We started feeding Trent solids a few weeks ago. To say he tolerates food is stretching the truth a bit. The only thing he has tasted and not made a pucker face over is corn chowder. All other food produces a body shudder, pucker face, and sometimes a cough/gag. I think we have a super-taster on our hands.

Don't get me wrong, he thoroughly enjoys the experience of eating. He is so curious about the world around him, food in particular. The difficulty comes with the actual tasting of the food. Poor guy just can't handle flavors more intense than milk.

I adore the sight of his chubby legs in the high chair. He is really expressive with his hands and feet, twisting his little wrists and ankles when something excites him. Mealtime is an especially active time for those body parts.

I could go on and on, seeing as this particular feeding was captured in over sixty pictures (you may have noticed I am not a minimalist when it comes to photography). However, I will end with a picture of Trent and his biggest fan, little miss Evelyn Ruth. It is easier to get through such an intense sensory experience when you have big sister cheering on the sidelines.

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