Thursdays we go on field trips

To help Evie learn the days of the week, Tu Tu taught her a little song and helped her identify one special thing about each day. Tuesdays we go to ballet, Fridays are movie night, etc.

Thursdays we go on field trips. The Living Planet Aquarium, Hogle Zoo, art classes at the BYU Art Museum, the Planetarium, a tour of the ballet theatre, even a quest to try all cupcake shops in the county... We have explored a lot of the Salt Lake and Provo areas. Our latest venture was to the Museum of Natural History at the University of Utah.

But before we went to the museum, we stopped for lunch at Food for Thought Bakeshop.

Lunch was fine, but the real fun began when choosing dessert.

The museum was so fun. There were five floors to explore, so we started at the top with Weather and worked our way down.

The earthquake simulator occupied the girls for about twenty minutes. You build a tower, select a real earthquake from history, and watch the tower shake and tumble.

In the dinosaur section there were huge areas of glass floor so you could see the bones underneath. Before anyone could step on the glass, Charlotte threw out her hands and yelled, "Danger! Danger! It's an emergency! Do NOT step forward, you will fall and be hurt!" She was so confused and it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to walk across the glass, gripping the side rail the entire time.

The last hour was spent in the kid "backyard" section, where the girls explored tunnels, dressed up as bugs, and got drenched playing the stream.

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Anonymous said...

Wow that sounds like the coolest museum ever!! Way cooler than the Imaginarium, which I adored as a kid. - Sierra